Koala Weekly News

What’s New This Week?

We explored the letter F this week and it was Fantastic! We collaged and painted with fall nature items, painted with tin foil, finger painted, and read books and sang songs about the letter F.  Our favorite parts of this week were when we experimented with our pumpkins during science exploration by hammering golf tees into the pumpkin, and experiencing what the insides felt and looked like.  We also had a Fantastical adventure pretending to be Vets after our friend Ellie invited us to help her realize her dream of becoming a Vet.  We had a Fun, Fascinating and Fulfilling week.

kr-whats-inside-pumpkin  lucas-parent-teacher-2


What’s Coming Up Next Week?

Next week we will explore the letter P.  We will play with pumpkins of various sizes, pop popcorn, paint with bunches of parsley at our easel, and explore the properties of the three stages of corn (corn on the ear, popcorn kernels and popped popcorn).  We will also read books and sing songs about the letter P, and incorporate words that begin with the letter P into as many activities as we can.  It will be Positively Packed with fun!


 Thank You To Our Parents

We want to thank Nathan’s mom (Jennifer Wendt) for being our Mystery Reader this week.  We hope that you will all have a chance to come in and surprise your little one by being our next mystery reader! There are still plenty of spaces available, so please check out sign up genius when you have a minute.


What’s New in DKZ?

This week in the DKZ the children began the week by exploring the atmosphere.  The children learned that the atmosphere is the “comfort blanket” around Earth that protects life. The Goldilocks Principle taught us why Venus is too Hot, Mars is too Cold, and Earth is just right. Here’s a cool video to continue the discussion of Planets The Solar System Song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ-qLUIj_A0

Nature Hut News

This week in the Nature Hut we collected items found in nature.  The children found acorns, leaves and twigs around the playground. We also colored rice, and mixed colors together to find out what color they would make.  At our last station, pine cones were painted and decorated with glitter.  We love Fall in the Nature Hut!

Upcoming Events

Thursday 10/27 & Friday 10/28 – Parent Teacher Conferences

Non-Student Day – Childcare provided

Thursday 11/3 & Friday 11/4 Speech Screening

Friday November 11th No School – Veterans Day

November 14th-18th A Week to Sever and Be Thankful

Monday 11/14 Making Sandwiches for homeless – KR

Tuesday 11/15 Making cards for Military & Seniors – All School

Wednesday 11/16 Singing for our Seniors – KR

Thursday 11/17 Feast Day – All School

Friday 11/18 Stone Soup – KR/KR Mixed

November 21st-25th Thanksgiving Break – No School

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