Kinder Readiness

Kinder Readiness (4 by September 1)

Picture6Our Kinder Readiness program at Peñasquitos Christian Preschool is designed for second or third-year students that are between the ages of 4-5 years-old. Kinder Readiness begins in the morning and typically the Kinder Readiness class makes up the oldest children in the school and consists of students who are working on Kindergarten readiness skills. We believe and research supports that academic success greatly hinges on social and emotional development; therefore, a student’s readiness for Kindergarten is determined by many factors, not just cognitive or academic aptitude.

The Kinder Readiness program builds upon the skills practiced in the Beginner and Explorers programs at Peñasquitos Christian Preschool and is based on the philosophy that social and emotional fitness in education is essentially the foundation for higher learning.

When children arrive at school the first thing students do is meet on the rug for a morning meeting with their class that includes group discussion, attendance, and research on their theme or project as well as planning for the work of the day. Starting class time in this way is a Kinder Readiness skill as it requires the student to access advanced skills of attending, listening, turn-taking, and motor planning before starting his/her work of the day. Arriving at school on time becomes increasingly important during this Kinder Readiness year of preschool as this first meeting of the day sets the tone for what students will be working on during the three-hour program both individually and collaboratively.

After this group time concludes, the children are invited to explore their learning centers. Much like the Beginner and Explorers programs, learning centers include art, writing, math, and manipulatives, science, sensory, blocks, reading, and dramatic play. In Kinder Readiness the teachers integrate core programs Handwriting without Tears (writing), Frog Street Press (phonics), and Bible.

Students in Kinder Readiness also receive Spanish instruction from our Resource Specialist Teacher twice per week. Much like the Explorers program, learning centers include art, writing, manipulatives, and math, science, sensory, blocks, reading, and dramatic play. Our Outdoor Classroom is not a recess but a valuable educational opportunity to practice skills through intentional and planned activities that span all developmental domains. Bible curriculum and lessons are incorporated throughout the curriculum and children attend chapel once per week. The morning program ends late morning and students in the Kinder Readiness program are invited to participate in the afternoon enrichment program Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons for a fuller day experience as long as it coincides with the morning schedule. This extension program is not child care, rather a full enrichment class called Discovery Kid Zone (DKZ).