Explorers (3 by September 1)

Our Explorers program at Peñasquitos Christian Preschool is designed for both first-year and second-year 3-4-year-olds and begins in the morning. Explorers need to be potty-trainPicture7ed or pretty close to mastering potty-training (no pull-ups or diapers).  Typically, 3-4 year-olds in Explorers are working on accelerated social-emotional skills, further developed cooperative learning and pre-academics. Children are continuing to promote their sense of self but beginning to navigate likes, dislikes, preferred and non-preferred activities, and group play. Structure and boundaries are important in this age-group but not without a breadth of freedom and expression that allows children the ability to explore and express their world in tangible and honest ways. When children first arrive at school they are invited into open centers that are accelerated and advanced from the previous school year. They have more loose-parts and materials for building, planting, adding-on, gluing, inventing and exploring

This environment of more materials also invites increased responsibility and teachable moments about working together in a community. Later in the school year, the Explorers age-group begin class time on the rug for a morning meeting that includes group discussion, research on their ideas and projects, and planning for the work or theme of the day. After this group time concludes, the children are invited to explore their learning centers or explore the Outdoor Classroom. Much like the Beginners program, learning centers include art, writing, manipulatives, math, science, sensory, blocks, reading, and dramatic play. Our outdoor time is not a recess but a valuable educational opportunity to practice skills through intentional and planned activities that span all developmental domains. Bible curriculum and lessons are incorporated throughout the curriculum and children attend chapel once per week.  The morning program ends late morning and students in the Explorer program are invited to participate in the afternoon enrichment program Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons for a fuller day experience as long as it coincides with the morning schedule. This extension program is not child care, rather a full enrichment class called Discovery Kid Zone (DKZ).