Speciality Enrichment Classes

Specialty Enrichment classes are intentional theme-based classes offered in the afternoon as an extension to the morning program. Specialty Enrichment classes are scheduled in multiple week increments.

  • Must attend the morning session to extend to the afternoon Speciality Enrichment Class
  • Available 2, 3, or 4 afternoons for our 3 year old students.
  • 11:30-1:00, Monday through Thursday
Session 1: September 28- November 19 (8 weeks)

Monday (7 classes): Yoga for Young People

We will stretch and strengthen our bodies while learning calming techniques; 7 classes

Tuesday (8 classes): Green Thumb Club

We will explore the outside world through art, song, projects, and stories.  Students will learn to plant and take care of our garden in the Nature Hut; 8 classes

Wednesday (7 classes): Outer Space

Calling all astronauts! We’ll explore the stars, planets, and moon found in our galaxy while traveling in spaceships and moon rovers; 7 classes

Thursday (7 classes): Ooey Gooey

It’s going to be messy fun! The children will explore glarch, slime, and other sticky substances; 7 classes

Session 2: November 30 – December 17 (3 weeks)

A special Christmas themed three-week specialty enrichment.   More details to this exciting class to come as we get closer, Children will have the opportunity to bake, learn about the birth of Jesus, learn about Christmas tree just to name a few.

Monday (3 weeks): Christmas Theme

Tuesday (3 weeks): Christmas Theme

Wednesday (3 weeks): Christmas Theme

Thursday (3 weeks): Christmas Theme

Session 3: January 18 – February 25 (8 weeks)

Monday (3 weeks): Ready to Write

Reinforce readiness concepts necessary for writing in this specialized class based on Handwriting without Tears concepts. Children will explore playdough, phonics, letter recognition, sounds, cutting, and gluing; ; 3 classes

Tuesday (6 classes): Habitats & Animals

Calling all Animal lovers! We’ll explore different areas in the world where animals live. We’ll explore the ocean, desert, arctic, and more to learn why animals can only live in specific regions of the world; 6 classes

Wednesday (6 classes): Nature Hut

We’ll be heading outside to the Nature Hut for this session! Children will use natural materials to create art, and learn more about animals; 6 classes

Thursday (6 classes): Itsy Bitsy Spider

In this exciting class children will uncover the narrative in the great children’s book, Charlotte’s Web. Children will have the opportunity to expand their abstract thinking through the viewpoint of the most unlikely but beloved animals and they will dive deep into the theme of friendship; 6 classes

Session 4: March 1 – April 8 (6 weeks)

Monday  (6 classes): Artist & Colors

Van Gough, Michelangelo, and Picasso. These are just some of the famous artists from history that students will learn more about. We’ll also learn about colors and how these artists used different mediums to create art; 6 classes

Tuesday (6 classes): Math, Munch, & Phonics

For all budding mathematicians and readers. Children engage in age-appropriate academics through multi-sensory activities that build upon math, phonics and reading skills for Kindergarten Readiness; 6 classes

Wednesday (5 classes): World Explorers

God made the whole world, and children will learn more about different countries and different cultures from around the world; 5 classes

Thursday (5 classes): Mini Medical School

Calling all future PCP Doctors, Nurses, EMTs and Dentists! Join us as we bring Mini Med School to our campus. Our little doctors and nurses will learn all about the human body and how to take good care of ourselves; 5 classes

Session 5: April 19 -June 3 ( 7 weeks)

Monday (6 classes)- All About Dr. Seuss

Tuesday (7 classes) – Perfect Pets

Wednesday (7 classes) – SEC Laboratory

Thursday (7 classes) – Creepy Crawlies