A Welcome Message from the Pastoral Staff

Thank you for visiting! Peñasquitos Lutheran Church is a place where people get connected to Jesus and to one another. We invite you to visit our website or if you visit us, you’ll find this emphasis to be lived out in tangible ways. We believe it is no accident you are here… and we hope to find you connecting with us in person! (Click here for worship times.)

Greg Hoffmann, Associate Pastor

Rob Horne, Associate Pastor

Sean Kelly, Senior Pastor

Our Approach to Christian Education and the relationship with our Church

As a church-related Preschool, we recognize that we have been created and have a desire to know the living God. There is a spiritual side to all of us and at Peñasquitos Christian Preschool we seek to cultivate this desire and love. We talk in our classrooms and in Chapel about how God and Jesus love us, we share with the children stories of God’s love and work in our lives through his Word.  Moreover, it is especially important that we share with the children the value of respect for the diversity of every human being because all beauty, wisdom and virtue come from our Creator.

Since our beginning, Peñasquitos Christian Preschool has been an intentional, outreach program firmly established in the mission and culture of Peñasquitos Lutheran Church (PLC). We are proud to share a campus with PLC and partner in many gatherings, programs and events. It is our hope and prayer that our Preschool families feel welcomed as a part of our Church and Preschool community.