Our Mission & Values

Our Mission

It is our mission to be true to our past and traditions yet honoring our future as leaders in one of the foremost quality developmental early childhood programs in our country. For over 30 years Peñasquitos Christian Preschool has been rooted and grounded in a history of the highest character, standards, and sharing the truth of God’s word with the community. We are inspired by the blessing and gift that children bring to our lives as they discover who God created them to be. We relish and are motivated by their love, passion, and curiosity. We are encouraged, strengthened, and nurtured when we are more than just around other people but are truly connected to a community of others; living and sharing in life together!


Established in Quality.

Motivated by Curiosity.

Encouraged through Community.


Our Values


We believe and research supports that children learn through play and exploration of their environment in the natural world. Positive play experiences, with a variety of hands-on activities and social interactions with adults and peers, fosters the development of young children and helps them to understand the world around them. To make friends, to keep friends, “to get their shovel back”, “to get their bike back”, to test a theory, to dig a ditch, ‘to plant some seeds’ and most importantly to begin to discover the gifts God has given them. Play and social-emotional development as the foundation for higher learning, we highly value and champion as advocates for children. Mark 10:13-16


Peñasquitos Christian Preschool is committed to nurturing a diverse community and inclusive environment that God created within us as individuals and within our communities. We are dedicated to a cross-cultural early education experience for all children. We value the influence of all our student’s experiences and backgrounds and we recognize how this is a benefit to our greater learning community. 1 Corinthians 2:12


Regardless of our fears or limitations, we choose to be authentic and support our little students, because that is what children strive for every day. We celebrate children when they make a new friend or conquer fear. We celebrate and recognize children in navigating independence and finding their voice. As adults, we choose to have conversations that lead to greater joy and connection with one another and in supporting parents as our partners. We choose to get involved and make connections because we look for beauty and impact as this is the evidence of God’s love working in the lives of his people.  Deuteronomy 31:6


When we think about commitment and loyalty, it is one of the feelings that drive us, it brings to mind a powerful sense of love and belonging which is foundational for young children and family relationships. In the Bible, the idea of commitment is about being fully devoted to someone. Such loyalty is communicated to us in both the heavenly and human relationships as offered in the commandments. Mark 12:29-31;  John 15:13; 1 John 3:16.

The idea of commitment is powerful and passionate for us as educators, it keeps us filled with meaning, excitement, and anticipation. At Peñasquitos Christian Preschool we are committed and passionate about many things, too many to list.  There are some commitments that rise above the rest. We are committed to the pursuit of God’s truth and goodness in our lives. We are committed to the study and love of children; how they experience and learn about the world around them and grow in their knowledge as a whole child. We are committed to how children are supported in every area of their development; physically, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. We are committed to an open, growing an ongoing relationship with parents as partners.  And most importantly we are passionate about a child’s spiritual roots because a relationship with the creator is personal and profound. Ultimately, it is our desire to have a lasting impact on every life we come across because every child is important to God.


We believe for the child and for the entire family we can be encouraged, strengthened, and nurtured when we are more than just around one another but are truly connected to a community of others; living and sharing in life together. This can begin, if even for the first time when we connect with other preschool families. As 4-year-old preschooler Larson shares every day after school, “today is my best day, because I was with my friend…”  Hebrews 10:24-25

Lifelong Learning

Peñasquitos Christian Preschool is committed to a culture of lifelong learning and commitment to our early childhood standards, ethics, and values. Lifelong learning is a personal and professional commitment to the ideals that help to shape our environment and culture and have a greater impact on the development of who God is constantly shaping us to become. Lifelong learning is a focus on our dispositions as professionals and how this ethos impacts our classrooms and the children and families we serve. It is self-initiated and involved learning, a focus on self-control and patience, a journey of introspection, perspective-taking, critical thinking, and active listening. Lifelong learning is an initiative to communicate, to build relationships and think reason, and problem-solve with bravery. It is an opportunity to learn from and mentor others. Lifelong learning is authentic, honest, and transparent. It it is never achieved yet always strived for as a continual process of growth as God impacts his work in us and through us. Luke 10:21


Peñasquitos Christian Preschool is a program that is accredited by NAEYC since 1987 and fosters quality and excellence in the training and experience of early childhood professionals through initiatives that are responsive to the needs of individual children and the populations that we serve. Through the meeting of 10 rigorous program standards, and an intensive year-long self-study every five years, Peñasquitos Christian Preschool has proven her commitment to excellence over the past 30 years. Romans 12:6a,7b