PCP has been such a wonderful place for our daughters!  My oldest daughter started with SonShine Kids and continued on for the 3 year old program (Explorers) and 4 year old program (Kinder Readiness). And our youngest daughter will be returning to SonShine Kids.  Our oldest has grown in so many ways through the kindness and love that her teachers and staff at PCP have provided.  She’s developed new friendships, has learned how to be a critical thinker, and has gained so much confidence in herself.  Our youngest loves SonShine Kids!  She cannot wait to return in the fall to see all of her buddies and play!  PCP has been such a blessing to our family.

Nikki, 2016

PCP has provided all three of my children with a wonderful introduction to school through their preschool programming. The play based model prepares them for Kindergarten by helping them to solve problems in groups and to learn how to get along and to “be a good friend.” Additionally, the PCP environment encourages creative thinking and instills kids with a positive mindset towards school, learning and discovering!

 Lisa, 2015

I have had 3 children who have “graduated” from PCP and transitioned into kindergarten beautifully!  They had been prepared and nurtured at PCP so they entered kindergarten ready and able to learn.  The compassion and kindness they were exposed to at PCP served them well in developing new friendships and showing respect to their friends, teachers and parents.  We have been at PCP for 9 years and there is a reason for that longevity.  It truly is a place where your child can build their confidence, where they grow tremendously, and most importantly, they have fun!!

 Sharon, 2015

We love PCP! Our daughter attended PCP for three years. She began when she was two years old by participating in the Sonshine Kids program. She continued on for the 3 year old program (Explorers) and then for the 4 year old program (Kinder Readiness). She had such a wonderful experience at the preschool! When she started Kindergarten, she was absolutely prepared for the rigors of school. Not only was she equipped with the social skills needed to be successful as a Kindergartner, she was academically ready as well. She definitely had the foundational skills needed to excel in Language Arts and Math…she was even reading!  We especially thank PCP for helping our daughter with her fine motor skills. She absolutely would NOT learn how to write her name from mom and dad! But within weeks of the 4 year old program at PCP she was writing her name. She also learned to write her letters and begin basic drawing. We absolutely feel that PCP helped prepare our daughter for a successful Kindergarten year!

 Heidi, 2015