Last Toucan News Update, June 12

Upcoming Events

Wednesday July 25th – August 1st – PLC Vacation Bible School

Monday June 18th – PCP Office Summer Hours

Wednesday August 6th – Preschool Regular Office Hours

Monday August 27th – Wednesday August 29th  – School Visits

This Week in the Toucan Class

It’s been a great couple of days in the Toucan room! We finished exploring the ocean and sea animals, just in time to celebrate Beach Day! Last week we learned about sharks and fish that live in the ocean. We understood how animals can breathe underwater the way God made them different from us. We had the construction dramatic play out, and the children loved “fixing” things throughout our class. We celebrated Beach Day these last two days! The children loved splish-splashing in the kiddie pools outside. They also played inside with boogie boards, kick boards, and inter tubes as we pretended we were playing at the beach.

We also had our Donuts with Daddy day. We loved seeing families come out and enjoy exploring the school with your child. We hope you enjoy the gift your child made for you as well!

We handed out your children’s placemats with their pictures on them. We hope you enjoy using them! We had fun making them and seeing how much your child has grown this year.

Here are some pictures:



Thank you

It has been an amazing school year.  Thank you for all your support, kindness, and time.  Thank you for dropping your children off everyday and trusting that we will love them, care about them, and teach them as if they were our own.  We would love to have you come back to visit us.  We wish you and your child all the best in the coming school year and beyond.

Thank you to Ms. Chen (Natalie’s Mom), Ms. Jung (Aden’s Mom), Ms. Clack (Harper D.’s Mom), and Mr. and Mrs. Hill (Neville Noah’s Mom and Dad) for helping us with our beach days! We loved your help changing children after their wet adventures outside, and helping us take items off our walls too!



The Big God Story

Jesus Redeems

Remember Verse: I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my set my heart on heart on your laws.  Psalm 119:30

Spanish News

¡Hola!  This week we continued to learn various clothing words and practiced the ones we have learned so far such as los pantalones (pants), una camisa (shirt), los zapatos (shoes), un gorro (hat), unos calcetines (socks) and  un vestido (dress). This week we also read Que Pondré Hoy? a fun book about dressing for each season. We also played a matching game on the smart board with all of the fun words from this past year. What a wonderful year it has been teaching Spanish and watching the children grow and learn many new words and songs.


This week in DKZ we took this time to talk about what we have been learning this year, what things we enjoyed the most, and how we can use our imagination to explore our world.  On Monday we listened to the story “Mary Lou Melon”.  Mary Lou had the most beautiful toys, but her Grandmother would tell her “In the Olden Days I didn’t have …..” “So I used ……”  This inspired Mary Lou to build things from materials she had around the house.  This then inspired us to do the same.  We made creations out of cardboard boxes and made amazing drawings at the small easels.  Tuesday we read the story Wild Ideas which took us on an adventure of how animals solve problems. Did you know that otters use stones as tools to help them eat? Otters also use their extra skin fold as pockets to keep their “tools”. The children used animals stamps, animal prints, and stickers to make wild creations.  Our DKZ friends made their own animal portraits and went on a “walk on the jungle”.  On Wednesday we continued our discussion about animals by acting out the song “Animal Action” and making a collage with animal print paper.  On Thursday we went on a nature walk around our playground to find items to glue on a plate for a nature collage.  This was after reading the book “All Things Bright and Beautiful”.  Thank you for a wonderful school year.  We have enjoyed our time with your children.  Looking forward to seeing some of you back again next year.


Nature Hut Adventures

Desert Animals

Animals have adapted to survive in the desert despite its extreme temperatures and lack of water. Many of the animals are nocturnal, they sleep during the heat of the day and come out when it’s cooler at night. Rattlesnakes are a desert animal but they also live in our own backyards! I found one in my backyard over the weekend and was able to capture it, kill it and bring its body (without the head) in to show the students. The children were able to get an up-close look at the diamond pattern on the skin and the rattles on its tail. They know that if they see a snake with that pattern to back off and not to touch. We learned that each time the snake sheds his skin he gains another rattle. The kids enjoyed making snake tracks with string painting and snake patterns on the back wall. Lots of other desert animals were in the sensory bin for the kids to explore, too!

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