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Upcoming Events

Tuesday February 13th: Valentines Celebration*

Wednesday February 14th: Valentines Celebration*

*No Food Treats in Valentines (Candy or Food)

*See your child’s Teacher for amount of children.

*See Sign up Genius for a list of items to bring.

Monday February 19th-Friday February 23rd: No School Winter Break

Monday March 5th: Teddy Bear Picnic *See Sign up Genius

Tuesday March 6th: Teddy Bear Picnic * See Sign up Genius

Monday March 12th: Author Day

Thursday March 15th: Author Day

Tuesday & Wednesday March 20th & 21st: Parent Teacher Conferences – No School

This Week in the Giraffe Class

We are the Dinosaurs marching, marching. We are the Dinosaurs, what do you think of that?, Kick! We are the Dinosaurs marching, marching.  We are the Dinosaurs we make the earth flat, we make the earth flat and then we ROAR!  Cause we are the Dinosaurs.  That’s one of the Giraffe friends favorite songs.  We have continued our study of Dinosaurs this week with a bone dig, creating our own fossils out of salt dough and making volcanoes that we also erupted.  We painted with “lava” paint and sponges.  We did some cutting practice at the easel.  Our letter this week has been D.  The children have been enjoying learning many words in American Sign Language.  A few words they know are: thank you, yes, no, maybe, hello, more, mom, dad, boy, girl, & Jesus.  We just started introducing colors and numbers.


Coming up Next Week

Next week in the Giraffe class our room will be filled with Love!  We will enjoy many activities around Valentines Day.  We are still in need for volunteers and supplies.  Please see our sign up genius if you can help.  Thank you in advance!

Thank you

Thank you Mrs. Lieburn for being our Mystery Reader and teaching us about Thunder Cakes.

Happy Birthday

Happy 4 1/2 Birthday Alex.  Thank you for the jewels, we will enjoy making beautiful art with them.

The Big God Story

God Gives Wisdom

Remember Verse: For the Lord is good and his love endures forever. Psalm 100:5a

Specialty Enrichment Classes

We had a great start to the new session of Specialty Enrichment Classes! On Tuesday, we went outside and explored the playground for fallen leaves and sticks. After this nature walk, we went into the nature hut to glue our found nature pieces into collages. On Wednesday, we explored the instrument called a viola. The children were able to play it themselves and listen to children’s songs on it. They also painted with rubber bands that they could pluck and make music as they painted. This week in Spanish we read the book Say Hola to Spanish and sang two new songs: Buenos Dias, a fun introduction song, and Cabeza Hombros, Piernas y pies, a song to learn the body part names in Spanish. What a great start to the Spanish session!


Spanish News

Hola! In our Spanish lesson this week we learned the days of the week through song, Domingo, Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sabado, Domingo, Lunes, Martes, Miercoles, Jueves, Viernes, Sabado: to the tune of Oh my Darling Clemintine. See if your Child can sing it with you! We also read a silly story about how dinosaurs stay safe. We learned that they wear a helmet on their cabeza (head) and hold someones mano (hand) when they cross the street. This week we also began to learn how to say what nos gusta (we like). We also had fun playing color bingo and using all our Spanish color words.


This week in DKZ we continued our discussion about famous Artist.  We watched a few clips about how Dale Chihuly makes his blown glass art.  In a glass workshop you would find a Furnace that heats up to 2000 degrees (that’s hotter than Lava they said).  Next you would use the Glory Hole that reheats the glass so you can continue to shape it.  And finally there is the Annealer, this cools the glass down to about 950 degrees.  We made Chihuly inspired chandeliers and glass sculptures that are hanging upside down in the Giraffe class.  One of our other Chihuly inspired art projects was coloring on a plastic cup, then melting it in the oven.  They sure turned out beautiful.  Our next artist was Michelangelo.  We learned about how he was from Italy and liked to carve his sculptures out of marble.  We used clay to make our very own sculpture and colored under the table as if we were painting the Sistine Chapel.


Nature Hut Adventures

The Wonderful World of Water

The earth has a limited amount of water. The water keeps going around and around and around in what we call The Water Cycle. The cycle is made up of a few main parts: evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.  Last week the kids in the nature Hut were able to make their own rainclouds soak up the rain (condensation) and have them rain (precipitation) into the sensory bin. This week we talked about how that rain fell (collection) in the rivers and streams and flowed out to the oceans where it evaporated into the air to start the cycle all over again. The students made some beautiful watercolor paintings at the easels that were set up in the Hut. There was an ocean in our sensory bin this week complete with real seaweed, starfish and lots of seashells. We closely examined the root part of the seaweed and found some living sea creatures including a sand crab and that was a big hit!


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