Panda News May 28th-June 1st

Upcoming Events

Tuesday June 5th: Last Chapel 10:30am

Wednesday June 6th: Last Chapel 10:30am *KR Recognition*

*Calling all Kinder Readiness parents.  At our last chapel we will have a special recognition to say good-bye to our KR friends heading to TK or Kindergarten.  All KR children are invited.

Thursday June 7th: Last Day of DKZ

Friday June 8th: Daddy Day 8:30am *Please see your email for the Punch Bowl to RSVP. 

Monday June 11th: Beach Day

Tuesday June 12th: Beach Day/Last Day of School

*For our Beach Days, please send your child with dry clothes, towel and a bag for wet things to go home all labeled with your child’s name.


This Week in the Panda Class

This Week in the Panda class it was all about Math and Hats. The children listened to stories like Caps For Sale, Hats Off To You, I Want My Hat Back and Happy Birthday Madame Chapeaux. The Pandas counted from 1 to 30, did simple addition and subtraction with our monkey math. The children made hat creations and painted with construction hats. Science exploration had the children learning about absorption and air pressure. In our garbanzo bean & lentil science experiment the children learned that when the beans and lentils absorbed the water it would make them “jump” out of the cups.  In the Upside Down Water experiment the children discovered air pressure.  The air pushing up from underneath the paper was strong enough to stop the water from pushing the card down. The weight of the water was held and the water did not spill. The Pandas finished the week with a no-shoes option for playground time.


Coming up Next Week

Next week in the Panda class we will explore the Ocean.  We are also celebrating Father’s Day on Friday June 8th.  Please RSVP on the Punch Bowl invite.

Thank you

Thank you for the delicious In-N-Out birthday lunch!!

Thank Mrs. Day (Tatum’s mom) for reading Llama, Llama Time to Share and Shiloh (Tatum’s sister) for reading Pete the Cat and The Tip-Top Tree House

The Big God Story

Jesus is the Good News

Remember Verse: As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Now remain in my love. John 15:9

Specialty Enrichment Classes

It was a great last week of Specialty Enrichment Classes! On Tuesday, we learned about taking good care of our teeth as part of taking care of our bodies. We revisited the pet vet and took care of sick animals. We also took care of the Toucan pet fish, Jonah, by feeding him and talking to him. On Wednesday, we explored Narnia by understanding more of Aslan. We learned that Aslan died then rose again to life, like Jesus. On Thursday, we explored how boxes are made and how we can make anything from boxes. We also played some math and early reading games. Reminder that this week was the last session of SEC for the year.


Spanish News

¡Hola! As we continue to learn about the clothes we wear every day, we read La Ropa de Maisy. We learned about when to wear el traje de bano (bathing suit), and about items we put on every day like our zapatos (shoes), Chamara (jacket) and on occasion un traje de hada (fairy outfit) or un traje de pirate (pirate outfit). This week we also learned a new song, it is another repeat song that goes like this; Que ropa tienes, Que ropa tienes tu? Yo tengo, yo tengo una camisa ( What are you wearing?, What are you wearing? I’m wearing, I’m wearing…) and so on. We also used the smart board to dress a bear in un vestido (dress), camisa (shirt), pantalones (pants), una chamara (jacket) and other items too. What a fun way to learn our new words!


This week in DKZ we spent our time together learning about Horses.  The children learned that horses can be useful in many ways.  They can be a pet, a worker for the police, the King’s Guard or pull a carriage to give us a ride.  We had many opportunities to play with stuffed horses, little plastic horses and barns to put the horses in.  It was interesting to find out how a horse moves.  They walk, trot, canter, and gallop (as the horse does each one of those the speed gets faster).  We pretended to be horses on the “womper stompers” (see picture) and walked across a paper making the sound a horse would as they walk.  We drew our own horses and created a mane on a paper horse.  We also discovered that a horse’s mane is used to make violin strings.  We even had the opportunity to play a violin (Thank you Mrs. Moore for letting us use your violin).  We discovered that after you measure a horse in inches you convert the results from inches to hands.  One hand is equal to four inches.

*Reminder next Thursday the 7th is the last day for DKZ.  We have enjoyed spending this school year with your children.  Each one of them holds a special place in our hearts.  They have inspired us to continue to think outside the box and you never know where a little research will take you.  Looking forward to see you again next school year.  Mrs. Wanless, Ms. Ulmer & Mrs. De La Cruz


Nature Hut Adventures

Desert Plants

Why does a cactus have spines instead of leaves? Because most cacti live in very hot, dry desert climates, the water loss from having leaves is too great to benefit from keeping them so instead they have green, succulent, water hoarding “stems” which take care of photosynthesis for them. And instead of doing away with leaves entirely, the leaves are modified into spines, which can deter pests and predators from munching on yummy cactus. Animals aren’t the only ones that think cactus is yummy. Prickly pear cactus leaves were examined in the Hut, and the children were amazed that they are sold in the market for people to eat! The students had fun putting spines on their own cactus with fork painting. The back wall was painted the colors of a desert sunset. A big thank you to Caleb Christman’s Mom for helping out in the Nature Hut this week!



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