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Hi Koala Families,

Upcoming Events

Sunday May 6th: Fiesta de los Peñasquitos – Help promote our school by volunteering some of your time at our PCP booth. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f084cada82caafe3-help

Monday May 7th: 10th Annual PLC Open Golf Tournament – Register to play, attend the auction & dinner (4-6pm) and/or become a sponsor.  http://www.plc.golfreg.com

Tuesday May 8th: 10 am Open House for prospective families. RSVP to preschool@plc-church.org

Thursday May 10th: 8:30 am Mothers Day Tea. Look for punchbowl invite. https://www.punchbowl.com/parties/90778a3912bdcf8574ac

Wednesday May 23rd: Wacky Day

Thursday May 24th: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast/Make a Tile *More details coming soon.

Friday May 25th: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast/Make a Tile *More details coming soon.

Monday May 28th: No School – Memorial Day

This Week in the Koala Class

This week in the Koala class we were Discovering God’s World:  On Monday we explored the Creation of the World through animals, people, heaven and Earth.  We discussed all the wonderful things God created and marble painted the Earth.  On Tuesday we discussed The Prophet Daniel. God kept Daniel safe when he was thrown into the lion’s den. We also read the story about The Good Samaritan and what being a good samaritan means, being kind to others.  On Wednesday we took our adventures to Austrailia. We watched an amazing video on the smartboard about all the wonderful animals that live in Australia. Some of our favorites were dingos, bilbys and of course koalas!  At the easel, the children painted a picture of the Austrailian flag. At the art table some friends used the mini easels to paint a koala.  On Thursday we explored our American Presidents.  We learned that George Washington was the first president of the United States. The children enjoyed money sorting and learned the value of coins. They also painted an American Flag at the easel.  On Friday we learned about  customs,  traditions and foods in India. Our letter this week was “W”.

Just a reminder the classroom doors open at 8:30am and close at 8:40am.  As we prepare the children for Kindergarten or TK by offering many activities needed for success, timely attendance is important to both the class and individual child. Missing morning activities, which include (but are not limited to) washing hands, signing in on the smart board, writing first/last names, writing numbers, learning/writing parent telephone numbers, and morning circle time activities (beginning at 8:45 am), will limit your child’s opportunities to build upon these skills. Our goal is to help your child feel more comfortable when they get to Kindergarten or TK. Thank you for helping us set your child up for success in his/her educational journey.

A big thank you to our very special guests this week. On Monday, Mrs. Cullins (Jade’s mom) told us what she does as an eye doctor. She even brought in fun sunglasses for the children to wear.

On Friday, Mrs. Siva Kumar (Dhyia’s) mom taught us about Indian traditions, customs and foods. The children had a great time making and eating their own delicious Indian snacks.

Coming up Next Week

Next week in the Koala class we will be busy getting ready for our Mother’s Day Event and jump into spring with planting flowers.  We also plan to do our exciting Egg Drop Experiment. Each child was sent home with a brown bag with instructions attached.  We will be doing it both Wednesday and Thursday next week.  If your child attends both days we have chosen the day for them.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  Good Luck!

The Big God Story

Jesus Tells Us How to Love

Remember Verse: For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. Ephesians 1:4

Specialty Enrichment Classes

We had a great week in Specialty Enrichment! On Tuesday, we explored some math games, and a popular favorite was tangrams. We also played an alphabet game as well. On Wednesday, we had fun in the nature hut! We planted our own flower seeds in small pots and we went on a nature walk to explore animals around the campus. On Thursday, we read “Some Pig” and painted spider webs for Charlotte.

This is the last week of this session. Next week will be the next session. The topics are Tuesday: Mini Medical School; Wednesday: Navigating Narnia; and Thursday: STEAM Machine. Please see Mrs. Yi in the office if you are interested in this last session!


 Spanish News

¡Hola! This week in Spanish we continued to learn about the many animals in God’s creation, for example osos (bears), ovejas (sheep) and el pez (fish) just to make a few. We also played Animal word slap, a game where the child taps the picture of the animal as I called the animals name in Spanish. It is so fun to learn and play together!


Our DKZ friends continued the celebration of Earth Day by learning all about Recycling.  We learned what it means to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle.  We painted on newspaper, sorted out recycling and trash.  We explored how paper is made and how many tree’s it takes to make paper, so be sure to recycle your paper it can be reused.  We saw a video clip about what happens to a plastic bottle when it is recycled and when it isn’t.  The children may all want to visit a recycle plant or landfill to see where everything goes.  Did you know that a plastic bottle in the landfill can take up to 1000 years to decompose?  That’s a long time!  Have you ever heard of “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch”?  Well, its way out in the ocean and the sea life are eating it and getting sick.  Next time you take a trip to the beach make it a fun adventure and pick up any trash you see, it will help us and the animals.  We painted plastic bottles and made beautiful creations out of recycled materials.  A few of the fun books we read were: “Michael Recycle” and “Stuff”.


Nature Hut Adventures

Camping with bugs!

Our camping adventure continues in the Nature Hut this week with the camping equipment set up in the garden area and a pretend campfire in the hut to roast pretend marshmallows. Last week the ants invaded our camp and this week it was ladybugs! We learned a lot of interesting facts about ladybugs. Did you know they are not really bugs, they’re beetles! “Lady” refers to the Virgin Mary. Ladybugs bleed from their knees when threatened. They love to eat scale insects, white flies, mites and aphids. For this reason we love to have them in our garden! Live ladybugs were on display for the students to examine and they helped to place them into our garden where we hope they will eat the insects that are eating our strawberries! The children made their own play dough bugs with pipe cleaner legs and googely eyes. There were plenty of pretend bugs for the children to play with in the sensory bin as well.


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