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Hi Koala Families,

Sunday May 6th: Fiesta de los Peñasquitos – Help promote our school by volunteering some of your time at our PCP booth.

Monday May 7th: 10th Annual PLC Open Golf Tournament – Register to play, attend the auction & dinner (4-6pm) and/or become a sponsor.

Tuesday May 8th: 10 am Open House for prospective families. RSVP to

Thursday May 10th: 8:30 am Mothers Day Tea. Look for punchbowl invite.

Wednesday May 23rd: Wacky Day

Thursday May 24th: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast/Make a Tile *More details coming soon.

Monday May 28th: No School – Memorial Day

This Week in the Koala Class

It was so wonderful to see everyone back at school after our spring break.  This week in the Koala class  we explored many wonderful community helpers.  The children made cupcake playdough creations and added sprinkles (jewels and gems).    The children enjoyed painting self portraits at the mini easels and doing  fingerprint art at the big easel.  The children  really enjoyed playing with the large fire fighter and police officer kits.  Another favorite was the beauty shop! Many people in our community help us, it was fun to explore each of the jobs.  Our letter this week was V for Victor the Vulture.  We are working on knowing and writing our first and last names.

Coming up Next Week

Next week we will do a variety of activities surrounding this beautiful world that God has given us to live in.


The week of April 23rd our topic of discussion will be “Discover God’s World”.

Thank you

Thank you Mrs. Partridge for being our Mystery Reader on Monday. The children loved the books;  Where’s my T-R-U-C-K and Curious George and the Chocolate Factory.

Thank you Mrs. Peterson for being our Mystery Reader on Friday. The children really enjoyed the books; The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Wimberly Worries.


The Big God Story

Jesus Is Worth Following

Remember Verse: Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths. Psalm 25:4

Specialty Enrichment Classes

We had a fun week in our Specialty Enrichment Classes! On Tuesday, we played some phonic and number games after reading a story about counting potatoes. The game the children loved the most was a lock and key game where we had to match the uppercase and lowercase letters unlock the lock. On Wednesday, we planted some grass in our own cups. We also went on a nature walk to see if we could find sticks and leaves to paint with. On Thursday, we read “Some Pig”, an illustrated storybook of Charlotte’s Web. We also painted with “mud” and pretended we were piggies. I wonder what we will explore next week!

Spanish News

¡Hola! This week in Spanish we read a book about what los perros (dogs), las ovejas (sheep), los murciélagos (bats), las jirafas (giraffes), las ranas (frogs) and many other animals read before they go to bed. We also played a matching game to match baby animals to adult animals. It is so wonderful to learn the names of God’s creatures in other languages! Next week we will learn a few more names for animals.

 DKZ Fun

Music Monday:

On Music Monday we read the book called Ellie in Concert.  Its about a Giraffe (Lucy) that can’t sleep in the Zoo because of all the animal noises.  Ellie the Elephant puts all the animals together in an orchestra with the help of Gerard the Gorilla and Betty the Blue Bird and that did the trick, Lucy was able to fall asleep with the beautiful music.  The children made their own musical instruments with beans, rice and a paper towel tube.

Tasty Tuesday:

On Tasty Tuesday we had the grocery store prop box out for the children to explore.  They are good little shoppers!  We read the story Peas and Carrots.  We also fed our bodies with relaxing some relaxing yoga.  They were able to cut out food pictures from a Vons ad to make their grocery list.  We also had a tasty snack of teddy grahams, marshmallows, wheat thins and raisins.

Work Together Wednesday:

On Work Together Wednesday we spent the day building with blocks together, painting together and using tools to build with real wood.

Arsty Thursday:

For Artsy Thursday we did paintings on the small easels, big brush painting on the table, record player art, played with Light Bright and colorful magnet boards.  We heard the story called “Ellie”  in this one Ellie saves the Zoo from closing with her beautiful art.

Nature Hut Adventures

Camping in the Woods

The next two weeks in the nature Hut we will be on a camping adventure! This week was all about campfires, marshmallows and the wonderful work of the forester. The forester is an important community helper that embraces taking care of our planet Earth to use its natural resources wisely. He or she helps to protect and manage the resources of the forest wisely, and keep forested areas healthy. In our camp the marshmallows were not for roasting on the campfire but for painting a campfire! The children swirled flames of red, yellow and orange paint using marshmallows to make their own campfire flames on paper. The students had a great time in the sensory bin, which was filled with marshmallows and plastic ants, where they pretended the ants had overrun their picnic!

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