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Hi Koala Families,

Upcoming Events

Monday April 9th-Friday April 13th: Spring Break – No School

Sunday May 6th: Fiesta de los Peñasquitos – Help promote our school by volunteering some of your time at our PCP booth. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f084cada82caafe3-help

Monday May 7th: 10th Annual PLC Open Golf Tournament – Register to play, attend the auction & dinner (4-6pm) and/or become a sponsor.  http://www.plc.golfreg.com

Tuesday May 8th: 10 am Open House for prospective families. RSVP to preschool@plc-church.org

Thursday May 10th: 8:30 am Mothers Day Tea. Look for punchbowl invite.

Thursday May 24th: Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast/Make a Tile *More details coming soon.

Monday May 28th: No School – Memorial Day

This Week in the Koala class

Do-Re-Mi ….  This week in the Koala class we have been learning about music and art.  We did some finger painting to music and watercolor painting.  Two favorite books this week were  My Beautiful Oops and The Soup Opera.    We had a special guest this week teach us about the Trumpet, French Horn and Trombone and played them for us, it was sure fun to hear the music.  We also had a dental hygienist  teach us how to brush and floss our teeth to keep those sugar bugs away.  Our letter of the week was N for Nellie Nurse.


Coming up Next Week

Next week is our Spring Break.  Enjoy the time off with your families.  When we come back to school the following week our topic of discussion will be about community helpers.

*The week of April 23rd our topic of discussion will be “Discover God’s World”.  We would like to have a few families participate, the times would be 8:45am, 9:50am and 11:05am.  Please let us know if you are  interested in this fun event.  Our Koala class will be learning about family diversity. Grandparents and women in non-traditional roles.

Thank you

Thank you Mrs. Moore (Aubrey’s mom) for being our Mystery Reader on Thursday.  The children loved all the books you read.


Happy 5th Birthday Dhiya!

Specialty Enrichment Classes

It was a great start to this session’s Specialty Enrichment Classes! On Tuesday, we played two math games and one rhyming game. The children love the math game where we had to match the numbered key to the numbered lock to unlock them. On Wednesday, we went on a nature walk and gathered leaves and sticks off the ground to make a nature collage. On Thursday, we started the story of Charlotte’s Web and played some spider games. We’ll see what we will explore when we return from Spring Break.


 Spanish News

Hola! We played a matching review game to refresh our memories on words such as abuela, papà and hermano. We also read Te quiero, yo te quiero, a book about how mamas y papas love their children de la cabeza a los pies (from head to toe) when they are feliz, triste, or enojado( happy, sad or mad). After break we will begin to learn about Animals!


Birds, Birds, Birds!  This week we continued our discussion about birds.  We took what we learned last week and ventured into the wonderful world of big birds.  First up was the Peacock or should we say Peafowl is what they are known as.  The peacock is a male and a peahen is a female.  The babies are called peachicks (under 1 year).  They are the native bird of India.  In India they believe the peacock represents grace, joy, beauty and love.  We had the opportunity to touch real peacock feathers that Mrs. Wanless had brought back from a peacock farm in Iowa many years ago.  For art we watercolor painted on giant coffee filters to make a peacock.  They are beautiful!  Next up was the Flamingo.  Flamingo’s live near shallow waters.  They live in oceans, ponds, lakes and rivers.  To rest they stand on 1 leg, we tried it and boy it was no rest, that was hard work.  The reason they are pink is because of the shrimp that they eat.  One last fun fact, the flamingo’s bill is like a shovel.  Last, but not least we did a little research on the Ostrich.  We found out that an Ostrich is the largest bird, its a flightless bird and it can run as fast as 45mph.  For art we painted an Ostrich while looking at a picture of one.  They are pretty spectacular!


Nature Hut Adventures

Spring Flowers

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming in our garden, the vegetables are ripening and the little tree outside the Nature Hut is budding new leaves.  The carrot seeds the children planted in the Fall are growing into full sized carrots and hopefully we will soon see the sunflowers planted last week break through the soil. As we planted we talked about what growing flowers have (stem, leaves, roots, flower) and what they need to grow (soil, sun, water, air). The children are diligently watering the garden each week and watching as I pull the weeds that are encroaching on our plants.  They love to look at the stems roots and leaves with magnifying glasses and the nifty hand held microscope in the Hut. Sniffing the herbs in the garden and hearing how delicious they make sauces such as spaghetti sauce (oregano and basil) and chicken dishes (rosemary and thyme) has become a favorite topic at recess! The art table was blooming with water bottle flower paintings.  In the sensory bin the children “planted” beautiful spring flowers in pots filled with beans.

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