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Hi Koala Parents,

Upcoming Events

Monday January 29th: 2nd Session of SonShine Kids starts!  SonShine Kids is a parent participation class for 18 months to 30 months offered once a week on Mondays for 8:45-10:45 am.  Apply online.

Wednesday January 31st: Reenrollment Due for Returning Students.

Thursday February 1st: Enrollment for new student and siblings. Apply online

Thursday February 8th: Transportation Day*

Friday February 9th: Transportation Day*

  • Children will bring tricycle or Big Wheel from home, if they don’t have one, they can borrow one from school.
  • *NO BIKES W/ OR W/OUT TRAINING WHEELS, Scooters, or Skateboards

Tuesday February 13th: Valentines Celebration*

Wednesday February 14th: Valentines Celebration*

*No Food Treats in Valentines (Candy or Food)

*See your child’s Teacher for amount of children.

*See Sign up Genius for a list of items to bring.

Monday February 19th-Friday February 23rd: No School Winter Break

2018-2019 Registration will be open to all current PCP students.  Please look for the information in your email.

This Week in the Koala Class

What a fun week in the Koala Class.  We continued our cold winter topic.  The children had a super fun time visiting our very our Pip’s Place here at school.  They ordered their own food and unlike a restaurant outside of PCP, they were able to order 1 of everything and it was still only $0.99.  For art this week, the children painted with shoes and painted on mini-easels. Our letter this week was G, so we made the color green by mixing blue and yellow paint. A favorite Science experiment this week was called incredible swimming Gummy Bears.  The Gummy Bears were put in salt, water and vinegar then left over night to see what happened. The Gummy Bears left in the liquids doubled in size!

Coming up Next Week

Next week in the Koala class we are heading to the land of Dinosaurs.

Thank you

We couldn’t do what we do without all our wonderful volunteers!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you to Dominic’s dad, Charley’s mom, Christine’s mom and Dhiya’s mom for all your help in the classroom and at Pip’s Place this week.

Happy Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Donovan!


The Big God Story

God Blesses Us with His Presence

Remember Verse: Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9

Specialty Enrichment Classes

We had another great week in the Specialty Enrichment Classes! On Tuesday, we blasted off and explored the stars. We learned about one constellation called the Big Dipper and got to paint it ourselves. On Wednesday, we learned how beavers make dams and we then used our Legos to make our own dams. We were successful and stopped the water with a Lego wall! On Thursday, we traveled to Africa and learned about the wild animals and made masks. I wonder what we will explore next week!

Spanish News

¡Hola! This week we are continuing to learn all about the members of the family. We read Eres tu mi mamà, about a bird that was looking for it’s mother. On his way the pajarito asked una vaca (cow), una pero (dog) and many other animals, even a snort! In the end, he finally found his mamà. We also played a memory game to learn the names, adding a new order mascotas (pets) because of course they are part of the family!


This week in DKZ we started exploring the wonderful world of colors.  We discovered how colors can be cool and warm.  Each color can create different feelings.  We talked about the 3 primary colors (Red, Yellow & Blue) and explored how to get the other colors by mixing those 3 together.  We painted with all sorts of paint brushes on big paper and a big piece of cardboard.  We introduced our first artist Vincent Van Gough.  He painted around 900 painting and its believed that while he was alive he only sold 1.  After his passing his paintings became more popular and now they sell for millions of dollars.  We were inspired by his self-portrait paintings, so we painted our own by using mirrors to look at ourselves.  Some of the children mixed paint colors together to even match the outfit they were wearing that day.  In addition to the self-portraits Van Gough was known for his still life paintings.  The children had the opportunity to paint pictures of flowers and fruit.


Nature Hut Adventures

Moon and Star

The students had a blast in the Nature Hut this week! Outer Space was the theme and the moon, the stars and planets were everywhere! The children created their own constellations and added stars to our group night sky project.  We discussed the phases of the moon including: full, gibbous, quarter, crescent and new moon.  Yes, the moon is still there even if we can’t see it!  That’s the new moon. The model of the solar system had the kids talking about which planet they would want to visit.  Galaxy Goo in the sensory bin was an out of this world experience!



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