Quality education is not convenient!

It is a blessing to me to watch children blossom and grow into healthy and vibrant young people. Their play and learning amazes me each day as they move from center-to-center and on the playground. Their friendships, conversations and school readiness skills are consistently developing and it’s a privilege to be able to share in these milestones and precious years together as we grow as a community. And these blessings come at a cost.The cost is quality. Quality education is not convenient.

To those of you who are new and only considering calling Peñasquitos Christian Preschool your child’s new home, welcome to this process of enrollment, it’s a big decision. You won’t regret it!

For those of you who are veteran members in this now two or three-year relationship we call preschool, we would like to take this opportunity to make sense of the “educational chaos” out there in our neighborhoods. When we hear what sounds confusing from other families, schools, the media and “everyone-else’s-best-choice” — in regards to schooling for our own children in the right early education environment; we want to offer facts to the issue of enrollment in this field and state our values which equals = stability.

I want to take a moment to offer a memory for each of us which will probably reflect in a significant truth that I see happening in our community. I’ve discovered as I’m sure many of you have as well, “It is not convenient to raise young children”!

When these little people were born, our lives changed in meaningful and substantive ways- right? So therefore, the best values in education across all ages and stages can not be measured or determined by what society says is important, nor convenient.

The meaning behind this statement is that our values are not defined by hurrying up and rushing children to be on our schedule of readiness or because of what culture says is “ready”.

Our values are not determined by this particular convenience or that.

The human mind cannot be sped up, rushed, hurried, tutored, fancied or fooled into being prepared, complete, organized or arranged– no matter what the circumstance. Rather, in early education our values are determined by quality and relationships. Quality that is based in research. If you would like more information about quality-evidence, relationship based research, we would be happy to share more.

The human mind will be ready when it has grown and developed; been exposed, practiced and been enriched enough to experience the opportunities it needs to stretch and mature.  You may remember when you were a child or adolescent, thinking back to your own process of being nurtured, exposed, growing up and maturing, this takes time.

We ask you to please not underestimate or take lightly a couple of factors when considering PCP or any other program for your child’s preschool experience:
  1. The importance of choosing a program for the first time
  2. The importance of continuity for the child and remaining in that program for a duration of time
  3. The significant impact it is on a child to move from one program to another (in the middle of a year or even from year-to-year). The purpose of preschool for children is to make significant bonds and then practice the skills they learn with their “favorite” friends and with their “not so favorite friends”. Switching schools and schedules significantly diminishes this goal. Academically, goals are to listen, attend and follow-directions among other things. Children need to be consistently present to access this curriculum. 
  4. The importance of schedule and committing to a said schedule. Dropping days or programs has an impact on student/teacher relationships, student/student friendships that are integral to a child’s sense of connection at school.
  5. While we can agree that children are resilient, society is telling us that “it’s ok” to make changes for the sake of adult conveniences (hours, money, two children in the same school). While we agree that the family, marriage comes first, as advocates for children and early education -please consider in whatever school you enroll, nominal tuition increases every year and factors like location, multiple children in private school, and the importance of continuity for your student. 
  6. We ask you to consider factors like these before enrolling in our preschool or in any preschool and if you are already enrolled at PCP to consider not making a change until after your current child has completed his/her 2/3-year time at PCP.
These are matters of the heart.

They are not business matters or ones of enrollment. We have a unique and preserved reality tucked away on this campus for over 30 years; matters that are extremely special and precious that we will absolutely maintain. Our community is celebrated and sought after for many reasons, one of them is the experience parents, children and teachers encounter each day.

We are a uniquely quality program that looks for more than what the world says is important. We love what you love– which is the heart and soul of your child. Academics and development really matter to us and we know children’s mode of learning is play; but beyond this we deeply value their curiosity and commitment, their approach to excellence and respecting their work!

We deeply invest, as you do, in the character of who children are becoming as lifelong learners that will enter formal school with an excitement for what is ahead.

As we get ready to move into this next chapter in our enrollment, we avail ourselves to answer any questions about our program. To dig deeper with you as you make decisions for your student in the coming year.

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